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Patent Participation Group Posted on 6 Dec 2021

We are looking to reinstate our Patient Participation group as we have been unable to meet prior and during the COVID 19 pandemic.

The purpose of the PPG is to discuss what the needs are of our patient population and what we can do if possible to meet those needs.

We appreciate it can be difficult to attend meetings due to other commitments however we are hoping to hold virtual meetings and the information can be shared between PPG members. 

The PPG discusss our patient survey with a view to making any changes but also create our own which is specific to our patient needs.

To make any changes we need the support from you and we would be grateful if you would join our group, if you require any further information please contact Sharon our practice manager who will be more than happy to explain the PPG structure.

Please get in touch and become a member of our PPG so we can help meet the needs of our patient population.

Thank you

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